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Veteran Owned and Operated


     There are two types of dog trainers.  Those who train dogs as a job, and those who have it literally be the force that drives them, almost as if their brain is hardwired for problem solving.  In our opinion the two are vastly different, and unfortunately you get what you pay for.  

     Here at Tandem K9, inc., dog training is our way of life. Dana Brown not only had a very successful job as Marine Corps K9 Handler, she has also gone to combat as a Kennel Master.  In our opinion, the ultimate test of a dog team is the ability to survive in life or death situations by working together.  Now that may not be the norm for every American family with a dog, but we use that as our standard for training in all situations in order to provide each and every customer with the confidence of knowing that our training is conducted at its best each and every day.

  Dana's passion led her back to Iraq to continue training bomb dog's to protect our nations assets overseas.  She will be back soon to continue this mission on American soil with a fresh new team of trainers and K9 Handlers from her current mission.

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"Dog training isn't a job, it's a passion"
-Dana Brown
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